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As the Owner’s Representative we advocate to take the stress and anxiety of managing a construction project off the owners’ hands, protect the owner’s interest and let 40 years of experience of knowing how and how not to do proceed save time and money.   Our goal to hire the best qualified sub-contractors, negotiate reasonable rates, research and order quality materials will deliver a project at the best value. Our staff will provide look ahead schedules and set expectations for all trades to meet deadline dates. We will provide the proper co-ordination between subcontractors of all trades and ensure they will meet their deadlines. We work closely with the architects, engineers and the design team to ensure the owners visions are being met.

We will provide builder’s insurance, bonds, obtain permits, control and monitor payrolls, and material procurement. Deal knowledgeably with local state and federal regulatory agencies. Perform regular due diligence inspections.  Will see the job through to the end and turn the keys over to the owner(s).  


Project manager will manage the scope of work, research, find and order the best quality materials that will fit the budget of the project. Provide and coordinate draw schedules with financial institution. Contract quality subcontractors, negotiate their payment rate and arrangements, and their time availability. Record and track costs and scheduling, provides reports identifying lead times and critical path items. Manage change orders, retains copies of necessary insurance certificates and lien releases, plus provide appropriate supporting documentation.  Keep the job running on time and within budget.  Provides constant communication between the owner and the construction manager.

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